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A Quick Overview of Edomestix

Subscribers get a full Human Resources Management system at their fingertips through either a laptop or Mobile App to manage this special relationship with their domestic workers.

eDomestix takes care of the processes to ensure full compliance;

  • We do your UIF registration
  • We calculate and facilitate payment of arrears UIF
  • We draft a professional contract of employment
  • We set up an electronic payslip
  • We set up leave registers to manage annual, sick and family responsibility leave
  • We set up your private Member Portal, Document Management System (DMS) and Memo Facility
  • We process your registration with the relevant Employers' Organisation 
  • We represent you in disciplinary matters and CCMA disputes

The subscriber then gets access to a private Member Portal where the following can take place;

  • Log absentees
  • Log leave
  • Access the unique memo facility
  • Download specific necessary templates
  • Request changes to Optional Benefits
  • Submit changes to personal detail

The Portal

The eDomestic system is designed to link all correspondence to your personal profile and therefore you will have a private and confidential view of all the documents and templates relating to YOUR  domestic worker when you login the Member Portal even if the same domestic worker is linked to other employers.

By entering the Member Portal you will be able to;

 Explain the contents of the employment contract in any of 7 African languages

- Just select the language your domestic worker would like to hear the particulars of employment being explained

 View and print any of the following standard documents and templates

 - Payslips – prepared by eDomestix
 - Leave records – continiously updated through the system
 - Employment contract – drafted for you by eDomestix
 - ID / Passport copy
 - Basic Conditions of Employment Act
 - Sectoral Determination 7

 Access standard templates for day-to-day management of the domestic worker

 - Resignation letter
 - Warning letters
 - Counselling letters
 - Records of poor performance
 - Records of misconduct

 Access the MoreMoney wallet for payment to YOUR domestic worker (if so requested)

 Access newsletters

A proper employment contract
Guidance on conditions of employment
Guidance on minimum wages
Understandable language
Certificates of service

UIF administration

eDomestix does your UIF registration and your domestic worker as required by the Unemployment Insurance Act and then also all monthly payments and related administration when your domestic employee leaves her employment.

 eDomestix shall;

  • register the employer and employee with UIF
  • process the monthly UIF payments on your behalf
  • perform all the required administration on your behalf when your employee leaves his / her employment for any of the following reasons;
    • resignation
    • dismissal
    • retrenchment
    • absconding
    • death
    • disability
    • maternity.

 There are five types of benefits;

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Illness benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Adoption benefits
  • Death benefits

 Deduction of 1% must be made from the remuneration of all employees except in the following cases;

  • those employees working less than 24 hours per month for an employer
  • learners
  • public servants
  • foreigners working on contract
  • workers who are receiving a government old age pension
  • workers who only earn commission

 Employers must also contribute 1% of the employees remuneration (excluding commission)



UIF registration
UIF registration of employer and employee
UIF payments monthly
UI-19 upon termination of employment

Find a domestic worker

We help you to find you a suitable domestic worker from our current group of workers who have days available or from the new domestic workers looking for a job. 

eDomestix can assist you to find the right domestic worker according to your needs. Our database lists available domestic workers with their available work days and majority of these domestic workers are currently employed with our clients but they have days available.

References are available for all listed domestic workers which reduces your risk of a mis-match.

All registered employers to eDomestix will have access to these workers through the Member Portal and there you will be able to view the photos of the domestic workers and to log an enquiry -   it is so easy



We help find the right domestic worker 
Database with references
References available 

We administer your domestic worker payroll and time keeping

eDomestix’ integrated databases ensure accurate, automated time keeping and monthly payroll services to employers.

 eDomestix will automatically keep track of;

  • Time worked by your domestic worker
  • Record absenteeism which you log onto the eDomestix system
  • Annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Family responsibility leave. 

 A time sheet is generated every month, which enables a month-end payslip to be provided to your domestic worker – indicating:

  • days/hours worked or not worked

  • leave taken

  • deductions

  • wage/salary to be paid to domestic worker

  • available leave balance.

The eDomestix payroll and time keeping system ensures a transparent record keeping process for both employer and employee. It enables the employer to give warnings when due and initiate disciplinary actions if necessary. It also empowers the employee to have a formal payslip as proof of income, their hours/days worked, leave taken and available leave.

Accurate, automated time keeping
Monthly payroll services
Assisted telephonic registration process
Personal online profile
Time worked, absenteeism and leave record
Monthly time sheet and payslip
Transparent record keeping

Let us call you to assist you to register today!



The COMFORT Plan for your domestic worker 

We provide important the Edomestix COMFORT Plan for your domestic worker to create the required protection for this very important sector in our economy

  • Funeral benefits for the family
    • ​Main member                                 -   R 7 500
    • Spouse                                         -   R 7 500
    • Children 14-21 years                   -   R 6 900
    • Children 6 - 13 years                   -   R 4 200
    • Children 1 - 5 years                     -   R 4 200
    • Children < 1 yr (incl stilborn)     -   R 1 250
  • Repatriation benefit when transport of deceased required and the distance further than 30km or cross border 
  • Accidental death and disability cover of R50 000
  • Primary Health Care Plan - Optional 

    Employer agrees to deduct the required premiums from the wage of the domestic worker where applicable or pay it on behalf of the employee. Terms and conditions apply as per the presentation.  

The following optional benefits;
Family Funeral Fund
Accidental Death and Disability Cover
Group Primary Health Care Scheme 

We upskill domestic workers to be professional

eDomestix endeavour to ensure that domestic workers receive the necessary training they require to improve their skills and competency in the domestic worker industry. 

 We offer;

  • easy access to on-line training interventions in the Member Portal
  • skills training through regstered skills programs (depending on SETA assistance)
  • learnerships designed specifically for domestic workers through the SETA

Skills development on the Portal is done by means of short, practical, easy-to-understand online videos which your domestic worker can watch with you and it stimulates interaction and disussion to improve understanding and enhances the relationship between you and your employee.

(Click here to view a clip from our Communications Module)

Online training videos
Upskilling your domestic worker
Improved service delivery

Automatic Membership of the relevant Employers' Organisation and  Labour Law Advice

Automatic Membership of the relevant Employers' Organisation eDomestix helps you to comply with the legal requirements of employing a domestic worker. We can assist you with advice on any labour matter;

Your monthly subscription includes membership to the relevant Employers Organisation that represent employers in South Africa through a network of Organisers and Officials of the organisation who will assist employers with any disputes that are referred to the CCMA.

If you require an Official or Organiser in your area please contact us and supply full details and state the area that you are in. eDomestix will arrange an Official to assist you in your particular matter. Any special conditions will be discussed and clarified with you prior to the engagement.


Assistance to cover basic cost at Conciliation and Arbitration

Included in your monthly subscription is legal cover for CCMA representation where a professional labour practitioner will represent the client in Con/Arb or if split in Conciliation and then Arbitration depending on the circumstances.

Benefits are subject to one incident per annum.

Claims to be processed via eDomestix

We can assist you with advice on any labour matter.

Subscribers may also contact our Call Centre and request advice on any of the following;

  • handling of misconduct
  • poor performance
  • when your employee absconds
  • when your employee cannot work due to illness / incapacity
  • counselling
  • verbal, written and final warnings
  • dismissals
  • DOL inspections / Department of Labour Inspections
  • what to do when you receive a referral of dispute to the CCMA

eDomestix will endeavour to reduce the risks for employers and endeavour to ensure a harmonious working relationship between employers and their domestic workers.

 All subscribers to eDomestix will have access to the My Domestix Portal where you will find templates for;

  • resignations
  • leave applications
  • counselling
  • warnings
  • dismissals
  • steps to follow in case where your domestic worker absconds
Comply with legal requirements
Advice on labour law matters
Referral of dispute to CCMA for Conciliation
LRA Form 7.11
What is Con-Arb or ConArb
CCMA representation
Late referral
Employers Organisation

Let us call you to assist you with your labour matters today!

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