Since 01 April 2003 all employers of Domestic Workers must register firstly as employers and then also register their domestic workers as contributors in terms of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. This applies where the domestic worker works more than 24 hours per month for the particular employer. 

Our experience is that very few employers have actually registered and therefore very few domestic employees are covered by the said Act and will not have the privilidge to enjoy the benefits provided for in the Act.

Reasons for employers not to have registered are any or all of the following;

  • Did not know that it is required
  • Did not know how to do it
  • Where do they start
  • The process is frustrating
  • Do not understand the implications for the domestic worker if the employer does not contribute
  • Other reasons

 e-Domestix will assume all the responsibility to ensure that the employer is regsitered and that monthly contributions are made to the UIF. Contributions are 1 % of wages by the employer and 1 % by the employee.

We will also assist you to ensure that any arrears contributions are brought up to date and that you are fully compliant.

Just join e-Domestix and become part of the e-Domestix philosophy by registering here and you will experience professional one-stop services.



If you are a compliant employer and wants to join e-Domestix to benefit from all the other services also regsiter here and insert your UIF Employer Registration number where required. e-Domestix will ensure that your monthly contributions are paid to UIF and you remain a compliant employer for the benefit of your domestic worker.



It is a legal requirement that the employer must provide the domestic worker with a UI-19 Form when his / her services are terminated with the employer for any reason whatsoever. This enables the doemstic employee to submit a claim for Unemployment Benefits when unemployed and even during maternity leave.

e-Domestix will ensure that all these requirements are complied with as and when required so you can have peace of mind.

You may contact our consultants for any further information or advise through Contact Us

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