Subscription is for a 12 month period and monthly subscription is based on the number of days per week that the employee works for the employer.
A joining fee of R50.00 is payable on registration
Edomestix (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to increase monthly subscriptions with 30 days notice

Depending on the situation our subscribers can choose to join with the combined package

of The Domestic Comfort Plan and the Edomestix Admin System at the following rates per month 

Days per week
working at
*eDomestix Admin
employer rate per
UIF Contributions
1 day .
R 85
1 % UIF is 
payable by the Employer where applicable PLUS contributions to any Optional Benefits where applicable 
 2 days 
R 96
3 days
R 107
4 days
R 120
5 days
R 131
Our rates are payable
monthly in advance and the first payment is due with registration.

Enjoy reduced rate for a second "Domestic Worker" such as your Nanny, Gardener or Chauffeur.- Contact Us for a quote

Subscribers will be invoiced per month and all payments should be made by EFT or Debit Order to EDOMESTIX (PTY) LTDStandard Bank Acc number 012 363 367 Branch Centurion Branch Code 012645. Ref - Your initials and surname.

Monthly Debit Order facility is also available.

NO EARLY CANCELLATION  - no early cancellation will be accepted and in the case where the domestic worker's services are terminated the subscription will continue for the full 12 month period. A new domestic worker can be employed at any time and will not affect the subscription fee or services. A new contract of employment will be drafted and UIF registration done for the new employee at no additional cost to the subscriber.

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