Legal Cover - Terms and Conditions

Legal cover is provided under the CLRS Labour Insurance Group Policy (Private Households) provided by Mooirivier CLRS, a division of Mooirivier Makelaars Potchefstroom (EDMS) Bpk an authorized financial service provider FSP Nr. 14865.

  • Since this is a group policy the Employer may not opt out of the insurance and included in the subscription to the relevant Employers Organisation.
  • The Employer will receive a policy certificate via e-mail directly from Mooirivier Makelaars and a copy will be filed on the Employer Potal on eDomestix.
  • Cover will seize immediately when the Employer defaults on payment.
  • The Employer must adhere strictly to the Disciplnary Steps and Termination Procedures detailed in the Portal in order to have a valid claim in terms of the Legal Cover.
  • Employers are not permitted to follow any procedure that can result in dismissal without the direct advice, guidance and participation of the SAUEO.
  • Employers must be represented at the CCMA by a representative of the relevant Employers Organisation.
  • No settlement may be agreed too unless the Organiser of the Employers Organisation obtained a direct mandate to settle and an amount.
  • The Organiser will complete the Claim Form and submit it directly to Mooirivier Makelaars.
  • Any amounts approved by the Insurer will be transferred into the Bank account of the Employer.
  • If the claim is repudiated the Employer as well as the Organiser will be supplied with full reasons of the repudiation.
Cover available per annum 
It is important to note that only one claim can be lodged per client per 12 month period calculated from date of joining Edomestix. This means that the claim is not related to an employee per annum but per client per annum. In other words one incident per year will be covered per client. (Terms and Conditions apply).
“Legal cover is provided under the CLRS Labour Insurance Group Policy (Private Households), by Mooirivier Makelaars Potchefstroom (EDMS) Bpk. an authorised financial service provider (FSP Nr. 14865).”
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