It has become very common practice that domestic workers work for different households per week and the Basic Admin plan is ideally designed for these situations.

Edomestix designed a full circle comprehensive support system for Employers of domestic workers and although online it still requires human intervention by Edomestix staff to ensure that our subscribers do not incur any risks.

Many employers are of the opinion that if a domestic worker does not work 5 days per week for you as the employer then the contractual relationship is temporary or “casual” and this is NOT TRUE.

You as Employers are still required to comply with all relevant legislation such as Sectoral Determination 7 and with the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIF) where your domestic worker works 24 hours per month or more.

This Basic Admin Plan contains the following services and fully integrated through the different devices and platforms.

UIF Registration

Edomestix registers you as the employer with the UIF to ensure full compliance with the Unemployment Insurance Fund Act. Current and future employees will then also be registered and Edomestix will perform all administration regarding domestic workers whose services are terminated for any reason whatsoever.

Monthly the employer pays the UIF contributions over to Edomestix and we pay the contributions to the UIF monthly.

In the case of domestic workers who go on maternity leave, Edomestix will also assist with the completion of the forms and the submissions of the registration and claims for maternity benefits.

Arrears UIF calculation and payment plan

If the subscriber never registered for UIF then Edomestix will take care of the registration as explained above and also calculate the arrears due to the UIF.

When the arrears amount has been calculated Edomestix and the employer then compile a payment plan and Edomestix will invoice the arrears on a monthly basis and then pay all contributions to the UIF monthly. (As agreed with the UIF).

Contract of Employment

Edomestix drafts a contract of employment according to the specific arrangements between the employer and the employee.

Our contracts are also explained to domestic workers in 7 African languages which can be accessed on the App or through the website where the employee can watch and listen hear and understand conditions of employment in his/her own language.

Time sheet

On registration a time sheet is activated based upon the domestic workers own working hours as agreed with you the employer.

The App then allows you to interfere with the timesheet by logging any of the following;

  • When your domestic worker is absent
  • When she takes leave
  • When she works short hours
  • When she works overtime
  • When she works extra days

Monthly Payslip

Month-end a payslip is created for the domestic worker and send through to you the employer as well as the employee for record keeping.

Leave Administration

Every month leave is accrued where applicable and leave balances are reflected in the App for;

  • Annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Family Responsibility Leave
  • Maternity Leave (as applicable)

You as the employer also has access on the App to log any leave taken and also to log leave in the future.

When the employee leaves your employment you will get the exact amounts to be paid in lieu of leave where applicable.

Disciplinary hearing and CCMA Representation

All subscribers are registered with an Employers’ Organisation and through the Employers’ Organisation all subscribers can be represented by the professional organisers and officials of the organisation country wide.

Rule 25 of the current rules of the CCMA provide a general rule that, in arbitration proceedings before the CCMA, although a party to the dispute may appear in person or be represented by a legal practitioner, the right to representation by a legal practitioner is restricted if the dispute being arbitrated is about the fairness of a dismissal and a party has alleged that the reason for the dismissal relates to the employee’s conduct or capacity.

This restriction can be relaxed if the commissioner and all the other parties consent, or if the commissioner concludes that it is unreasonable to expect a party to deal with the dispute without legal representation, after considering relevant factors, such as

  • the nature of the questions of law raised by the dispute;
  • the complexity of the dispute;
  • the public interest; and
  • the comparative ability of the opposing parties or their representatives to deal with the dispute.

As a member of the Employers’ Organisation our clients have the right to be represented.

The terms and conditions of subscription makes provision for 1 disciplinary hearing and 1 Con/Arb per annum.

In an event where an award is made against you at an Arbitration at the CCMA Edomestix will cover an amount equal to 3 months’ minimum wage of the award. The minimum wage will be as determined from time to time by the sectoral determination 7 and according to the area where the employer resides.

Call Centre Support

Subscribers have access free of charge to the Call Centre where any questions with regard to any matter between employer and the domestic worker will be handled.

The Call centre operating hours are from 07h30 to 17h00 Mondays to Fridays and 07h30 until 13h00 on Saturdays.

The Call Centre can be contacted on 071 147 1213

Monthly Newsletter

Subscribers receive a copy of the monthly newsletter every month.

Monthly subscription
The subscription is for 12 months
R85.00 per month
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