Due to the high demand from Employers we are offering a once-off service to assist Employers to address the following;
  • Registration of the Employer and Domestic Worker with UIF
  • We create a uFiling profile  
  • We assist with the assessment of arrears UIF contributions, and
  • Assist Employers to make the correct payment to be up to date.  
We advise Employers to understand that the mere registration of a Domestic Worker with UIF is only one aspect of the compliance required. 

Employers sometimes do not understand that they must also;
  • Have a proper contract in place which also protects themselves,
  • Provide the Domestic Worker with a pay slip,
  • Keep proper leave records to ensure that the correct leave is granted,
  • To follow the correct processes in the case of termination of employment,
  • Issue the required documents when the Domestic Worker leaves. 
Then the most important is that the Employer is covered when a matter is referred to the CCMA since this can be a costly affair and in terms of Rule 25 of the CCMA Rules an employer can only be represented by an Employers’ Organisation in CCMA proceedings.  

The cost of the once-off service is R570 VAT inclusive however where it is found that there are previous employees who have not been removed then an additional R350 is charged per former employee.  
For any questions please contact us on 071 147 1213 
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