This service is available to Edomestix subscribers at no extra cost.  

Employers who are not subscribers may also contact us for this service but a placement fee will be charged which is equal to 50% of the employee’s normal monthly wage.  

Where Employers wish to make use of this service but they are not subscribers they may subscribe and then also use the service at no additional cost.  

Edomestix firstly have existing Domestic Workers who currently works for our clients and where some have working days available. Edomestix will arrange interviews for the Employers and also provide them with references from the current Employers.  

If we do not have employees available from the current working group then we will provide you with candidates who are on our work seekers database.   

These employees have been screened and approved for employment based upon a satisfactory interview and their reference.  

Employers will have the opportunity to interview 2 or 3 candidates and make their own choice of the Domestic Worker they wish to employ.  

On appointment Edomestix will draft a contract of employment and setup the persons Edomestix profile and do the UIF registration.  

For any questions please contact us on 071 147 1213 
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