When you subscribe to Edomestix you will become one of the many satisfied users of our online service where the day-to-day management of your Domestic Worker administration will be a seamless exercise.

Access our website and select the Portal button.

You are then required to enter your login details and you will be in your own member portal where we only display information and documents relevant to you and your employee.

When you have downloaded our App you enter your login details and you will have access to the same platform.

The system is designed to ensure that you keep track of;

  • Absentees of your Domestic Worker
  • Leave taken whether annual, sick or unpaid leave
  • Maternity leave – we process all the necessary paperwork
  • Receive monthly paylsips
  • And much more…

Where your Domestic Worker also have a SmartPhone she can also login to the Domestic Worker App where she will be able to;

  • Receive her payslip
  • Apply for leave
  • Request airtime
  • Watch the contract explanations in 7 African languages
  • Send secure messages to you as the employer.

Before you proceed please watch the Tutorial Video placed in the Media Section in Member Portal:

and also in the Video Section in the App

The Tutorial video will provide you with the full details on the functions in the Platform.

If you have any questions regarding this service pleae contact us at 071 147 1213 or through our Chat Support on our website 

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