When your employee works more than 24 hours per month you as Employer must register as an Employer of Domestic Worker. The Employer is then liable to deduct UIF contribution from your Employee to the amount of 1% of her total gross salary. The Employer must contribute an equal amount and pay it to the UIF authorities.  

A serious misconception is that payments can just be made by EFT and that is the end of it. This is unfortunately not the case since there is a full process via uFiling that must be followed.  

On registration Edomestix immediately registers you with the UIF as Employer and creates a uFiling profile as required.  

Besides the fact that you are then registered we also apply for assessment to ensure that there are no arrears UIF that you are liable for.  

If there are arrears UIF contributions we will inform you and we can even assist to put a pay-off plan in place which is subject to approval by the UIF Department.  

Clients must please take note of the fact that although we have direct communication with the UIF authorities, processes at the UIF takes time although it is much much faster than in the past and the assiatnce by officials at the UIF Department is of a very high standard.  

Edomestix will also assist Domestic Workers with submission of claims for unemployment benefits in the following cases which means that they do not have to go and que at the Department of Labour;

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Illness benefits
  • Maternity benefits  

If you have any questions regarding this service pleae contact us at 071 147 1213 or through our Chat Support on our website    

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