The employment relationship between Employers and Domestic Workers is regulated by  the following legislation;

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Sectoral Determination 7
  • Labour Relations Act, and
  • Unemployment Insurance Act.

You will appreciate that not many Employers are aware of the terms and conditions that apply and therefore Edomestix supply this service to our Clients / Subscribers to ensure that you comply and when you are challenged to answer to any allegations of non-compliance we are there to assist.

It is of absolute importance that our Clients / Subscribers will keep Edomestix informed of any Retrenchments, Poor Performance, Misconduct and DOL Inspections, in order to ensure that our Professional Consultants can assist from the start to ensure that all required procedures are complied with.

Edomestix has service agreements in place with more that 140 Consultants nationwide to assist our subscribers anywhere in South Africa in the following;
  • Disciplinary Hearings / Consultations
  • Retrenchment proceedings
  • Con/Arb at CCMA
  • Separate Conciliation and/or Arbitrations at the CCMA

Besides the personal consultations all our subscribers have access to our Call Centre where qualified and experienced Consultants will assist with any enquiry related to your Domestic Worker.

Edomestix will cover cost for the sessions as listed above on condition that FREE assistance with retrenchment, disciplnary hearing and processes of Con/Arb, Conciliation or Arbitration at the CCMA is limited to one claim per 12 month cycle.

If you have any questions regarding this service pleae contact us at 071 147 1213 or through our Chat Support on our website  

CCMA AWARD AGAINST YOU – we will contribute an amount equal to 3 months’ minimum wage in case where an award is made against you as the Employer for unfair dismissal.

In an event where an award is made against you at an Arbitration at the CCMA Edomestix will cover an amount equal to 3 months’ minimum wage of the award. The minimum wage will be as determined from time to time by the sectoral determination 7 and according to the area where the employer resides.

Terms and conditions – payment of this amount is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You must be a paid-up subscriber to Edomestix (Pty) Ltd and all subscriptions and UIF contributions must have been received,
  • The dispute referred to the CCMA must not have happened prior to you joining Edomestix (Pty) Ltd
  • An Edomestix approved professional consultant/s must have been actively involved in handling the matter i.e. acting as chairperson if the matter is regarding an unfair dismissal and Edomestix approved professional consultant will be an official or organiser of an approved Employers Organisation.
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