I am Lina, a mother of an 18 year old daughter who is currently in grade 12. I live in Soshanguve and my employers are widly scattered from Pretoria North to Highveld and Centurion and I work 2 days a week with Magriet and Amanda respectively and 1 day at Zonda.

I worked for more than a year for only 2 households and then Amanda introduced me to her friend Zonda and I realized what the value of personal references are if you are a domestic worker. It is true that when you are referred to a friend of your one employer the chances are better that it will be a good and long term relationship.

My life has drastically improved over the past 2 years since Amanda's husband started designing the eDomestix concept and asked my input on his ideas and plans. I was never registered for UIF but eDomestix engaged with Magriet and Zonda and they did all the administration to register me as a contributor. 

Amongst the 3 of my employers they agreed to register me for the Primary Health Care plan and the Funeral Fund. My daughter and I am now covered and I also have death and disability cover.

When I was registered as an eDomestix employee I also received membership of LifeKey who provides emergy response and stabilization and next of kin sms notification.

Every month I get my payslip and I can present it when I want to open an account.

I feel I have security in my employment relationship.

I am Rosina Mbongo from Vanderbijlpark and I am married with 2 children. I work for one household 5 days a week and I agreed to become an eDomestix employee. It is the best thing that has ever hapened to me because eDomestix now ensured that I have a contract of employment and I fully understand my contract and my benefits.

eDomestix ensure that I have access to my payslip every month and I can access my profile and view my leave records. 

I automatically received membership of LifeKey who provides emergy response and stabilization and next of kin sms notification. I received a steel token which has my unique number and in the case of emergency the personnel can access my emergency medical information and can safe my life.

Since I became an eDomestix employee I have Disability Cover and a Funeral Plan and my spouse and children are also covered.

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